San Jose Childrens Musical Theater

Originally Known As

Cabrini Community Theater

This is a Living History site. We are trying to recreate the early (1968-1982) history of the San Jose Children's Musical Theater and it's predecessor, Cabrini Community Theater.

Link Description
History Written History (Under Construction)
Show Index List of shows, when they performed and where.
Pictures See pictures and programs, from our very first program in the Summer of 1969. If you have pictures or programs you would like to contribute, please contact us.
Album Hear the music from the Annie Get Your Gun record, recorded in 1972
Album Hear the music and dialog from the Oliver record, recorded in 1972
Contact Us Do you have a memory to add to our history? Please contact us and share it with others. Written stories are welcome, as are pictures, recordings, programs or any other memorabilia from that era.
Contact A Friend Do you know someone who was in CCT/SJCMT in this time frame? Pass on the message and share the fun.
Memorial John passed away on Aug 26, 2007. A memorial page has been set up here.
50th Anniversary Coming Up The 50th Anniversary of CCT / SJCMT / CMTSJ is coming on August 4th